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SEA LÍA is a handmade sustainable slow fashion brand based in Brussels. All items are one of a kind originals entirely hand sewn and hand beaded by Alessia combining techniques such as customising vintage pieces, upcycling clothing and repurposing deadstock fabrics.

SEA LÍA's designs are a harmonious blend of vintage and contemporary elements, creating a unique and personalised style that reflects the brand’s belief in craftsmanship as an art form that should be preserved.

Customising vintage

Customisation is a technique that SEA LÍA primarily employs for its swimwear creations. Each bikini is handpicked from vintage boutiques or online with great care. Alessia revives pre-loved bikinis from La Perla, Dolce e Gabbana, Calzedonia, and other brands, giving them a totally new, fresh and sparkly look. 

The beaded pattern creation is very spontaneous and does not follow any preset design. Perceptive and instinctive, the creation of SEA LÍA's motif designs are unattached to the form the final piece will take and are guided by Alessia's intuition and sensations.


Upcycling clothing

From turning cardigans into skirts to upcycling trousers into tops, Alessia reworks existing garments to create unique designs. Each piece is meticulously unpicked, reassembled, and sewn back together in a totally new garment design. All garments are completed with a beaded embellishment, adding a touch of artisanal flair to each and every item.


Another technique used at SEA LÍA is repurposing deadstock materials. Alessia makes use of her extensive fashion studies and final collection leftover fabrics to create new sustainable garments. She also sources deadstock fabric from specialised stores, pattern cuts and entirely sews each piece by hand, resulting in one of a kind pieces that embody the brand's commitment to responsible fashion.

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